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Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 49~Feb. 18, 2011 Abstract

A friend of mine challenged me to do something abstract with the camera. He wants me to broaden my approach to photography. So here  is an attempt at "abstract. ".

He gave me a spiral vase a few years ago. I set it on a black drop cloth and directed a light into it. I did not adjust the WB but left it on auto. I then tried to put the camera into the top of the vase but couldn't focus so I backed off just enough to be able to get a spot focus. This is the result. I hope that is enough "abstract" for awhile.


  1. you can not be talking about be

  2. Of course I'm talking about you. LOL or did you forget you said I needed to get away from the animal pictures? And don't you recognize your vase? Ha Ha :)